Antler_King is an Australian player on the server. He is most noted for his attack on UJ Commander JLForristal and the theft of Protection 4 Diamond Armour and Sharpness 4-5 swords. As well as a Power 4, Infinity, and Flame Bow. He then terrorized the citizens of Whiterun, Bjork, and several other small towns. He demanded 10k in full or else he would continue the kills.

He killed every Senator in Ultima, the Rektor of Bjork and the Princessa. Antler was then held accountable for theft by UJ's court. An Emergency Summit was held in Vekta-City with leaders from Vekta, Ultima, Government, Shwon, and Regnbage. Coolsurdy stated "We are dealing with a higly trained, highly equipped Australian."

Many efforts to kill this "terrorist" have failed, but most of the stolen items from UJ COmmander JLForristal have been recovered and returned. Antler_King still remains a criminal in most Nations.