"In the beginning there was only one that one was Coolsurdy he first created the Sun and the Moon and thought this was good.He then Created the Grand Nation of Government and the Holy City of UJ and thought this was good.He then created ZeR0Legend the God of TF and savior to some and Then he created Jsex The god of Mod's.He then Created other players and thought this was good.Years later and many gods created and destroyed there came the God of Tall heads,Death,And Rome/Roma The Deathly talltitanicc.He then Dropped all of his heads 20000000 In fact.

The List of all Gods in the Bible:Apple:The Goddess of Hoes,Alettic The God of Shit Trash talk,Deets The God of Polar bears,Coolsurdy The God of everything,Talltitanicc The God of Tall heads,Death,And Roma/Romes,Between the Goddess of Apartments and Dildo's,Nekron the God of Bad grammar and Shit pvpers,And Juxtaposition the God of Grammar and English and Gapples."-Expert from Tallism Bible

Tallism is one of the few religions to last over five minutes on this server. Tallism has a complex culture and way of life as well as it's spread though different regions and countries.

Tallism History

Tallism, believe it or not, began at Rome 1, a temple in the middle of a forest. Tallism lived on though the months by those little temples tall would build in his Rome's/Roma's. Now Tallism is developing a new and advanced culture, such as a Bible, many more temples in a range of cities, i mean hell, we even got missons.

Tallsim Culture

mainly, tallism culture is based around tall, rather then any other demi-gods. Most tallism temples have a simples atlar, with a tall head in the middle, and a torch on each side. Tallism Missons are almost always equiped with a armory, incase someone dare attacks. It also has in it a temple, as you would expect.

Tallism Today

Today tallism is often spread mostly among G and Florence, wich is divided by tallism and pepeism. Tallism in G is small, but sure as hell there, aswell as some neighboring town such a Vekta City. Tallism in florence is one of the two main religons that make up florence, with the tallism capital being the holy city of Hollywood, home to the Phallic Object, one of the most prized tallism shrines.