The Journey War was a 4 day conflict between the forces of Jonah and the Roman Empire. The conflict was started on October 15th of 2015 by Jonah because of the proximity between Xythe and Rome (about 8 plots). The war consisted of a few skirmishes outside of each city, and ended on October 18th with the sack of Rome.

Sack of Rome Edit

North Castle of Rome

The North Castle of Rome

Following a few border skirmishes outside of the Roman walls, on October 18th, Jonan forces joined the former bandit forces of s0ux in attacking the city of Rome. s0ux, wolfhound24, Schnitzengruber, zachisosum, Erunno, and iGreeb fought 100adison100 and Crocodile Playz on the beaches of the city of Rome. The bandits took control of the North Castle and held the northern wall of Rome, and the Jonan forces were split in half, one attacking land in the west city and the other attacking the south. Soon, both Bandit and Roman forces lost interest in the war, and most Roman territory was claimed by Xythe. The town hall was looted for a sizable amount of lapis lazuli, diorite and granite. A few days after, a deal was struck for Xythe to give most of the conquered land back for a little bit of money.

City of Rome

Rome after the Fourth Punic War

Post-War Edit

Rome seems to be rather inactive since after the war, but the vast majority of Roman land fell into the hands of Vekta. Vektra reclaimed Rome by destroying Xythe in the Fifth Punic war of witch Rome reclaimed all the land they had lost in the Fourth Punic War.