Foundation Edit

The glorious Anglean Republic was founded by Gaffy00 and Brandon338 after the founding of their capital, Raider's Roost.

Conflicts Edit

There have been several conflicts to happen that involved the glorious Anglean Republic.

karthago Edit

Gaffy00 and Brandon338 attacked the nation of karthago in October of 2014. They killed the users Sapient13 and weevil18 several times. Sapient13 and weevil18 unfortunately logged out during war (a prohibited practice) and since then no new town blocks have been claimed in Almore.

Valhalla Edit

This war happened on November 3rd, 2014. Soccerwarrior27, leader of Valhalla, threatened the glorious Anglean Republic, endangering its members. Gaffy00, punkbuster250, and Brandon338 charged into Montogoria, the Valhallan capital. They attacked several plots of land, getting the majority of them. Unfortunately Soccerwarrior27 logged out during war, halting the progress of this war.

New California Republic (NCR) Edit

The war between the glorious Anglean Republic and the NCR happened on November 3rd, 2014. Its leader, iilluzionist, decided to help Soccerwarrior27 against the glorious Anglean Republic. Many members of his town were killed by Gaffy00, Brandon338, and punkbuster250. The war progressed from Montogoria to Rogue Island, New California Republic's capital. Gaffy00 claimed his way into Rogue Island while Brandon338 and punkbuster250 slaughtered Rogue Island's residents. Rogue Island eventually ended up unclaiming the majority of their land, surrendering to the glorious Anglean Republic.

Collapse of GAR Edit

After the Siege of Raider's Roost by Soccerwarrior27, the Glorious Anglean Republic came to a fall. However, Gaffy's regime continued in various other forms in nations, however the same army and ideals remained, similar to IIlluzionist's Regime.