The Official Ten Belt Organization aims to formalize the status (rank) of active players in the Pureskill arena by granting tangible and organized “Belts” (Book and Quills). It was founded by SlimSadie and the Committee is currently composed of SlimSadie and Juxtaposition57. There are 10 Belts, each corresponding to 1st through 10th place.

Because only 10 Belts are in circulation at any time, an aspiring Belt-holder must challenge the 10th place Belt first. An Official Challenge must be sanctioned by the Committee. The Challenge itself is composed of a best-out-of-three match session in the Pureskill arena. Because it utilizes more than one match, this prevents pure luck from throwing the whole system into perpetual disarray and chaos. 

If the Challenger wins, he trades Belts with the Defender (the person immediately above rank of the Challenger) or is granted the 10th place Belt and the Defender is removed from the organization. If the Defender wins, no change occurs. A Challenge between the exact two persons may only occur once a day. 

Other rules and guidelines apply as enumerated in the circulated Starter Guide.

Current Listing (July 20, 2015)

  1. coolsurdy
  2. marinecorps
  3. Gizmo
  4. wiktor
  5. 3Beauty3
  6. l337ninja
  7. ninga
  8. SlimSadie
  9. Juxtaposition
  10. Deets