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Raid in Hell
2015-02-14 12.16.56
Vital statistics
Type Raid
Level Unknown
Location Nether
Inhabitants Vichingo Resistance vs. Gaffy's Renewed Militia

The following raid, "The Raid in Hell," was conducted by the Vichingo Resistance as part of Operation Return Fire. A rather classified operation that seeks to purge the growing power of the previously warmonger Gaffy00 and his men, and others who wish to follow suit. This raid is known as the first attack on Gaffy's renewed militia.

The compound that was held by this nefarious militia was located in the Nether, above bedrock that is to be specific. The Vichingo Resistance then brought with them their great firepower, and pounded the base with continual shots of TNT. The cobblestone compound stood no chance against it, and was quickly destroyed.

Information Edit

Here are some of the many things gained from this successful raid:

- 2 Chests of (although damaged) diamond armor

- 10 Protection IV Helmets, 15 Protection IV Leggings

- Many more classified items...

Let it be known.

"Evil will never prevail."