An idea came to mind; rating towns. Therefore, this new town level rank system that is focused on unbiased opinions and ratings for all towns that are on the Wiki (this is not mandatory to have on your town page, it is completely optional). Editing any levels in prejudice or in a biased manner is most definitely not allowed! If any town members or town mayors are offended by their level rank and wish for it to removed, you may do so yourself or ask others (HappyHelper1, coolsurdy, etc.)

Populations will NOT be considered: quality over quantity! And inactive towns will NOT be added!

Level Rank System Edit

There are 10 levels; 1 being the lowest rated and 10 being the highest. The levels and ratings given to towns are based on building, diplomatic and resource skills - however, the military perhaps the highest skill criticized upon. Here are the following numbers and towns listed:

Level 0 Edit

Total Anarchy, non-existent in the real of Civ Wars or destroyed and forgotten.

- Zenport (1, 2, 4, 5)

- Algaesia

- Star City

- Hanover

- Warsaw

Level 1 Edit

No military, buildings, diplomatic skills whatsoever; resources are limited.



Level 2 Edit

No military, little buildings and diplomatic skills; resources are somewhat limited.

- Sforza

- The Township of Wallonia

Level 3 Edit

Weak, one man military, little buildings and diplomatic skills; resources somewhat limited.

- Capital City

- Adelaide

- Olvibon

Level 4 Edit

Medium armored, one-two man military, some buildings/diplomatic skills; resources somewhat limited.

- Teborte

- United Townships

Level 5 Edit

Medium-armored, 2-3 military, good amount of buildings; resources are alright.

- Liberty

- Teruel

- Basaran

- New Zen City

Level 6 Edit

Well-armored, 2-4 military, good amount of builds; resources are wide.

- Alvarna

- Pahmey

Level 7 Edit

Greatly-armored, 2-5 military, lots of builds; resources are great.

- Antarctica

- Caesarea

- Cove

- Lil-Korea

Level 8 Edit

Amazingly-armored, 2-6 military, lots of builds; resources are at large.

- Argos

- Arkstal

- Madrid

- Thorduar

Level 9 Edit

Best armor, 2-7 military, many builds; resources are immense!

- Slateport

- Reign

Level 10 Edit

Armed to the teeth and Best armor, 3-10 military, made in creative, an enormous amount of builds; resources overflowing!

- United-Jungles