Basic Information and History Edit

The United Nations was once one of the nine nations that ruled and reigned among the server. It was ruled and owned by President Powerninja2000, badbusinessman, and Mayor Dty2001. However, the nation today no longer exists, and died out a month or so ago in the early winter of 2014 CE. Powerninja2000 and his capital city now reside in the peaceful trading nation of Oasis, and mayor dty2001 in the recently renewed nation: USSR.

By city count, the United Nations was ranked 2nd with 4 towns, a runner up to Government which owns 5 towns. The Capital Spectra, (Pop. 11) The city of Dawnstar, (Pop. 52) The township of Hunters (Pop. 4) and The township of BosserVille (Pop. 1) The U.N. was a mainly peaceful nation, having not taken in any major wars, they do however, have high walls, lava gates, and a sizable military force.

The United-Jungles still operates their military base within Spectra, and it remains a vital part of the G military.

Screenshot (105)

The capitol building of the United Nations located in Spectra