Basic Information Edit

The United States of America is a nation founded in late January to early February. The USA is currently not engaged in any conflicts or skirmishes, and is attempting to build itself up. The USA is a relatively weak nation in comparison to most due to having no military, or weapons. The USA currently has four cities Washington DC, NewYorkCity, Honolulu, and Jackson.

Government Type Edit

The USA considers itself an indirect democracy with senators from each town representing the people of that town.(This is similar to the Galactic Republics model) Currently there is no Vice President, or speaker of the house, and currently senators are not voted for due to a low population.

Recent History Edit

In the recent history of the USA it has been involved in several offensives, including one to retake an old Republic fort. The USA has grown at a steady pace due to a few old towns from the GR joining.

Other Edit