The War of Montro Empire

Preface: Montro Empire had imperialized unchecked through two nations already: Byzantium and Constantia. International response was resolute appeasement. On July 1st, 2015, ME invaded Government, the foremost superpower.

The Battle of Radius32: Initially the fights began in the peripheral Government town of Radius32. The inefficiency of a cool-less Government to mobilize meant that the offensive went rampant. No resistance was successful. 

The First Battle of United Jungles: After Radius32, ME turned its attention to the world’s foremost power: United Jungles. Invasion was met with emergency response after cool logged on. The attack was suppressed by a combination of defensive measures at UJ and the reactionary offensive on the homeland of ME.

The Guerrilla Montro City and Roma Attacks: Undecisive, with some plots taken, and other plots defended, was this battle. It did, however, force ME to divert their attention to the defensive.

After the above 3 battles, MC logged off and Roma was attacked by G. tall, the mayor of Roma, immediately disbanded it, cursing Alettic.

The Second Battle of United Jungles: ME, with additional aid from Alettic’s teammate, attacked UJ a second time. Most flags were defended, and Alettic and his companion died. Afterwards, patrols were set up to monitor the border. A special offensive group went to MC to attack.

The Attack Upon Montro City: This attack, like ME’s initial attack on Radius32, went unchecked. Alettic disbanded Montro City and Montro Empire after hope was fruitless. 


Belligerents: Montro Empire VS Government, Big-Mex, Shwon

Significant Fronts: Radius32, United Jungles, Montro City, Various Outposts

Outcome: Dismantlement of Montro Empire, Defeat of Montro Empire, Raid of Montro Empire