Basic Information Edit

The Wither Incident was an attack on Vekta City by an unknown individual (now banned) who spawned a wither outside of the city walls. Both V and mainly G forces were eventually sent in to contain the wither. BANANApeel19 of Vekta City, HappyHelper1 of Leadric, leobiba of Wolfs, coolsurdy of United-Jungles, and other G and V forces took down the rampaging Wither that dwelled on the outside of Vekta City.


VC sustained minimal damage (holes in the main frontal wall, and throughout the forest on the road to Wolfs from VC) from the wither attack but it proved to be historical in Vekta history. The Wither Incident went down as the first attack on VC and the first legitimate attack to successfully cause damage within VC.

There was not only the damage on the city, but the both the armor and swords used to beat the Wither were damaged badly. Some in the midst of the battle against it were killed; although their stuff was returned, the damage was still great.

Violation of International Rule Edit

Withers are banned for all warfare purposes, due to their extremely unpredictable and destructive behavior. Withers, unlike other weapons, cannot be controlled in a specific enough region, therefore allowing griefing and other unlawful practices. Withers target all players and passive mobs, not specifically chests or other defense infrastructure that would be targeted and taken down in an attack.

The nether star was to be voided due to the breaking of this rule, however, one of the prime defenders in the attack- HappyHelper1 - kept it for himself and hid it until his return in January of 2015. Nevertheless, the star turned into a beacon, which was then confiscated by staff after Happy's (Galaxly's) banishment.