Third battle of Liberty


Reason of Conflict

Third battle of Liberty

On 29/05/16 a member of Liberty PoepRecon(Previously known as: ItzRecon,daemon1256 and Canozy_Ruben) left the town. Because of a silly conversation he became angry He was punished because he tnted someones house and needed to pay 100$ for rebuilding. Quickly acting he left the town and took a screenshot of the coords. At that time he stated that they could be "allies" but those were all lies.

Later that evening it became clear that they made a town called "Jeazy" and all his friends were in it. While the residents were building and farming an attack commenced. A resident died and lost all stuff but luckily the others went in their houses to find safety from the attackers. The mayor, Diet18 saw that they didn' had a nation and clearly they didn't know how to flag. With this oppertunity he got 0_king_sad_0 and christophe2001 on and prepared them for battle. When the time was ripe the residents attacked Jeazy and they were all slain. Despite they only had protection 2 diamond armor it was easy to win.

But Jeazy didn't give up so soon yet, they went mining and getting back some armor. After continous assaults on Liberty, defense began to fall. Ending in the death of mayor Diet18. Now Liberty only had 1 man with protection 4 diamond armor, 0_king_sad_0. Now that they had the gear of the mayor in their hands, They were almost unstoppable. Killing 0_king_sad_0,christophe2001 and other residents resulted in almost complete annihilation for Liberty. Diet18 taking every little bit of stuff he had to the battlefield but no succes, Jeazy now had all the dia gear of Liberty.

30/05/16 The nation of Arkstal comes to help Liberty and its nation Seperatists in its most desperate scream for help. Unfortunatly Jeazy found out how to flag and they created a nation. Luckily with the protection of Arkstal, Liberty remained undamaged even after the griefing of daemon1256. Some of the jeazy members were killed but never dropped the gear of Diet18 and company. More information about the Arkstalian and Jeazy war can be found here: Jeazy-Arkstalian war When Arkstal and the other helping allies weren't online they attacked Liberty again, but at that time the mayor decided to move so luckily most of the residents chests and stuff were already gone. Diet18 knew there was no chance of winning every assault so he unclaimed the town and said; "U can defeat us but never destroy us." After these tragic events some of Liberty's residents left the town and started an own town. But only this time, with being allied to each other. To this day Liberty stills stays standing and is building a new town again.