Trade-Federation was the first nation to be made that wasn't Government. Three formed Government towns had formed it. I(Zero) can only remember the name of two of them, Haven and Yggdrasil. The formation of Trade-Federation was officially announced by the burning of a Government flag in Haven. From then on until a few weeks after it's formation the Trade-Federation and Government were locked in a cold war with people on both sides trying to instigate a real war. While their attempts failed to bring about a real war it did bring Trade-Federation and Government conversation basically down to a standstill. While I like to pretend that it was Cool and I's marriage that brought about peace between the two nations I know that it was really due to several people on both sides leaving therefore ending the cold war and bringing in a golden age. Well that is until the majority of Trade-Federation left except the members of Haven(Renamed Ironforge by this point) and Yggdrasil. They later moved onto a new nation I created called Alagaesia where I took on the town name Ilirea. Unfortunately only Yggdrasil remains of the old Trade-Federation towns with Ironforge being blown up in the great moving and the other town being lost in time. Speaking of which if anyone finds Ironforge(Nearby Yggdrasil. Floating islands. One big ruined tower.) tell me so that I may claim an outpost for a national monument or something.

Edit: The Ruins of Yggdrasil and Ironforge have been found.

Edit: This is the old Trade-Federation