Basic Information and Description Edit

USSR was a nation governed and administered by RussianFlames after he appeared after a short period of leaving the server. After regaining proper stability in his brand new nation; the newer town of Dawnstar joined side by side again with RussianFlames, and so did old friends who began to see that he returned.

Surprisingly USSR was quite short-lived, as both USSR and Vekta have merged with Gallia to form an enormous empire!

Government and Political System Edit

USSR was previously directly managed by RussianFlames, but counsel and major decisions are talked over with the council. The council consisted of high ranking capital city officials, mayors, and more.

History Edit

After the professed return of RussianFlames and revival of USSR, towns once a part of the previous nation of RussianUnited (RU) joined again and right now the new capital city of Volgograd is under construction and jumping for further expansion.

Oh and of course, USSR recently merged with Gallia so this entire page was completely unnecessary.

Conflicts Edit

USSR and Imperia declared war on the same day USSR merged with Gallia; not very good news for Imperia either.