Valedux, August 2018 Edit

Formation and Early Leadership Edit

Valedux was created by SlimDude and Boywolfpup after several days of deliberation. Democratic Valedux was established on August 15th, 2018, with SlimDude as its President. It is a system of government was centered around Town Mayors being Governors, who represented their town or region in a national Congress. The nation steadily grew and upon the servers opening on August 21st, Valedux was the 3rd largest nation for several days.

In its infancy, several policies were instated under President Slimdude, such as the Fortification Act, which required all towns to have federally owned and operated forts.

Snap Election and Monarchy Edit

Following its early development, President SlimDude became tired and bored of Minecraft. He decided to quit and hold a snap election on August 31st. AdmiralAlideen and Aurora initially ran, but after Aurora dropped out of the race, SlimDude ran against Alideen. Due to a lack of interest, SlimDude assumed a victory. That night, he took the idea of a Monarchist system to the Senate, which entailed a permanent leader and a dissolution of the Senate. The Senate agreed and SlimDude was crowned Princeps (First Citizen in Latin).

Valedux, September 2018 and Nexus Annexation Edit

Initial Collapse and Reestablishment of the Monarchy Edit

SlimDude suddenly went inactive after a decline in active players in Valedux. After a revolving door of Princeps, the nation was on the brink of collapse. Although he later returned to rebuild Amnem a few days later, he also re-established the Monarchy with many of its former holdings joined in. SlimDude decided that it was best to stay out of The Second Crusade and be completely neutral.

Nexus Annexation Edit

On September 18th, 2018, SlimDude applied to Nexus for annexation, and they agreed. The town governments of former Valedux are connected through their town governments in Nexus, thus making a de facto state. (However, this caused a split of the main Valedux towns.) SlimDude took part in the surrender of Vita and the attack on Toastadel the very same day.

Failed Rebellion and Re-establishment as a vassal Edit

Following Amnem's annexation into Nexus, word began to spread of a rebellion. SlimDude, always looking for a chance to expand Valedux, joined in. The Rebellion was ultimately lead by Redtilldead. After a humiliating defeat, the rebellion shattered. However, for Valedux, its independence was bloodless. After a treaty with Moosebobby, Valedux was reestablished as a Vassal state.

Valedux, October 2018 a new Princeps, and Drastia Edit

SlimDude's Abdication Edit

Following the failed rebellion and lack of activity in Valedux, SlimDude sought retirement from Princeps. He looked high and low for a new, capable leader for Valedux. He didn't want Valedux to go into the wrong hands. He eventually chose Hammer1825 as his new Princeps. SlimDude retained an active position in the nation.

Drastia's Return Edit

Following DuhBuzz being unbanned, Nexus became Drastia, and so did its vassals. DuhBuzz made a simple demand to SlimDude on October 9th following the transfer of power. "Submit, or Die." SlimDude, while not being Princeps, decided in Hammer1825's absence. He decided to reform Nexian-Valedux into Drastian-Valedux.

Reconstruction of Amnem Edit

Following Princeps Hammer1825's ascension to the Valeduxian throne, he began a mass reconstruction of the capital city. SlimDude had integrated Amnem into Jabari, thus leaving downtown Amnem to the Princeps to use as a capital city. Hammer tore down the old Imperial Palace, Hugano Park, and Vali Industrial Tower. Hugano Park has since been rebuilt, and the Imperial Palace is under construction.