Basic Information & Description Edit

Vekta (New)
Vital statistics
Type Peaceful
Level N/A
Location Historic province of Vekta-Wolfs
Inhabitants 90+
Vekta is the largest city on the server and is currently led by SkepticalGypsy (CalasaurusRex).

The enormous city is undergoing new renovations, with a proposed creation of a grand city to attract tourists and citizens, as well as a number of other reforms.


Most of Vekta's history is based on the history of the old Vekta nation. "New" Vekta began in early 2015, but after spiraling down into inactivity for a time, it reemerged yet again in the later months.

Cobalt Edit

Cobalt was a smaller town in Vekta inhabited by 6 people, but progressing semi-rapidly in a matter of days. The Mayor was TurtleDudeAL, and the 2nd-in-charge is sheepmaster72 who is Turtle's IRL schoolmate. Cobalt had planned to be a major Enchanting Town. Plans to produce Enchanted Books have already been made and the Factory will begin construction in late November, however the plan failed. Both sheepmaster and TurtleDudeAL reside in the United Jungles.

Merge with Gallia Edit

On Febuary 6, the capital city of Vekta, as well as other towns once a part of Vekta left and joined Gallia. It was actually predicted Vekta would leave Gallia after a time, and such prophecy came true in a matter of weeks. The seceded Vekta continued to stay on good terms with Gallia afterward.

Rule of Draco Edit

After Banana became weary with leading Vekta, he handed down the mantle Draco (currently Faux), who led the nation in peace and a short time of prosperity. A drill war was proposed between a minor nation, however it soon turned sour after Draco was killed and the minor nation continued to attack. 20Fps eventually joined in as well, proclaiming that it was revenge for the destruction of Askama (look at old Vekta history). The war soon stopped and Draco was deposed, bringing BANANApeel65 back to leading Vekta.

Rule of Galaxly Edit

Several months passed and again Banana did not desire to lead this dead nation, and passed it on to old friend and long-time Vektan Galaxly (HappyHelper1 of Leadric). Galaxly swiftly introduced numerous reforms; from dividing the capital into two zones (old and new) to establishing a class & rank system to encourage citizens to progress & improve the city. Numerous projects are currently underway.

Merge into FlorenceEdit

After the split of Florence-Byzantium, Vekta becomes the new Florence.