Vekta City
View of a soon to be developed area of Vekta
Vital statistics
Type Neutral and Trading
Location Forests of Vekta
Inhabitants 101

Basic Information & Description Edit

The City of Vekta (also known as VC) is the largest city in Florence, Corsica-Florence, and the world, with a population of 99. It has the largest land claims in its nation, and holds a healthy amount of assets, such as historical sites and materials.

Vekta City is currently under heavy construction and renovations after realizing it was entering the stages of a dying nation and city. A new part of the city is being reconstructed, plots renewed, and brand new reforms by Melorann are being implemented.

A Big Remodel... Edit

"As many know, a mass renovation is underway in Vekta. 2 new streets are being paved, and a row of houses is about to go up, But many think that Vekta will just turn into a large field of empty plots. That is the opposite of what I want. In my mind, the city of Vekta will become one of the most beautiful places on the server. Full of colorful homes and colorful people. You may be reading this and thinking, bullshit, I don't see much happening to support this. I totally understand. My only current defense to Vekta's reputation is 2 houses and a couple of roads. I'd even be skeptical of the project if I wasn't in charge. The reason for this is a very busy personal life, which is hard to control. Luckily, things are slowing down and I predict I'll have more minecraft time. I hope to spend a good portion of this on Vekta, instead of Mavulane. Vekta is a big city, and demands (and deserves) a lot of attention. My goal is to bring Vekta back from the dead. Creating empty plots isn't the way to do that, and I realize that. But is leaving the old to rot and die any way to revive a giant city? New buildings and people is the way. That's why I'm here. If I didn't love Vekta, why would I restore it? Making buildings isn't all that Vekta needs, it also needs people. New residents are key to helping the city grow. That is why I will not only remodel Vekta, but I will also expand outside the city walls. These plots will be for residents to build on, while plots inside the city walls will be regulated by me. These interior houses will be sold at moderate prices, while outside plots will be 100% free.

In order to regain your trust and support, after 3/27/16 all demolition will cease until all empty plots are filled with new, quality houses and buildings. Thank you for your understanding."

- King of Florence, Emperor of Corsica-Florence, and Mayor of Mavulane & Vekta, Melorann / Nautico, March 2016

Heading into 2017, the long remodel trudges on, gathering steam. The new road system is nearing completion, and many new houses have been made. In January 2017, the City of Vekta released their intentions to completely remodel Vekta's skyline, adding at least 4 new skyscrapers.



VC was created around the fall of 2013. However, the exact date of it's creation has not been recorded. When it first started, VC was called Moscow and was intended to join the Government. However, President coolsurdy recommended that BANANApeel65, the mayor of Moscow, should create a new nation under G protection. This then led to the creation of the nation of Russia. This name was short lived and it soon changed several times along with the town's name. Finally, Vekta is eventually incorporated as the official nation name along with its capital, Vekta City.


At first, 


Due to the quick growth of Vekta, ugly towers soon became the norm. The towers seen in this picture are scheduled for demolition.

VC's growth was slow. This was most likely due to the poor infrastructure in VC when it first began. Eventually, road systems were created and plots became more organized which caused a population and economic boom in VC. This was short-lived, however because many of the residents soon went inactive. On the December of 2013, the Nation of Vekta incorporated a motto of peace and prosperity bringing in a new wave of growth to VC and other cities in the country.

Capital of a Superpower Edit

Vekta soon became a powerful nation thanks to the many alliances Vekta has made. This too was short-lived when Vekta went to war with Askama in the summer of 2014. After that, the whole nation fell apart which led to VC becoming a part of a new nation called RussiaUnited. Once it became part of RU, VC was soon dragged into many conflicts between RU and illuzionist. Eventually, the president of RU was ousted and BANANApeel65 once again became the leader and renamed RU into Vekta. Unfortunately, Vekta soon dissolved after the remaining active towns (VC, Dawnstar, EnclaveV.2) agreed to part ways. 

Rule of Galaxly Edit


Florentine Villa on the south side of Vekta, built by Galaxly built during the Era of Galaxy. It is owned by Mewder as a private residence, although it was originally a shop. There were plans to make it into a museum before it was purchased by Mewder.

After previous rule of Draco, which is recorded in New Vekta history,  Galaxly came to power in December of 2015, adding in a load of new proposals and plans for future and prosperity of this new Vekta. His plans were cut short though, as he was called to war in other lands. The city was handed down to Melorann, a Florencian architect with controversial ideas for the city, and an ego to match Wolfhound himself.

Rule of Melorann/NauticoEdit

After Galaxly left Vekta, the city was handed down to Nautico, Melorann's second account. He is currently renovating Vekta, and hopes to re-open the city to tourists and residents soon.


New realestate made by Melorann, turning Vekta into a grand city once more.

Greifing Allegations - 
Under Melorann/Nautico, the city of Vekta has been clearing many buildings and houses, which don't fit what many call the "Florencian Standard" set by the capital city, Faygold. Former mayor Bananapeel along with others have accused Melorann of greifing, but the city of Vekta denies it and plans on developing the newly cleared land.

Economy and InfrastructureEdit


Construction of apartment towers in Vekta, as the city attempts to recreate its skyline.

VC currently has a strong economy mainly specializing in real estate. Originally, VC's main export was potions which didn't sell well due to the lack of demand. Today, VC now has several shops and is now opening up its land to potential foreign buyers. VC's economy is highly capitalistic due to the fact that businesses meet little or no regulations set in place by the city government. This idea of no regulation stems from VC's principle of accepting all kinds of architecture as long as its not poorly made (ex: wood shack, dirt hut, hole in the ground)

The infrastructure of VC is somewhat average but due to its large land area, it can be very hard to navigate the streets of Vekta City. To counter this, VC officials, constructed a Metro A line which provides a direct route from VC's downtown area to the "Frozen River". Today, VC aims to urbanize the area and conserve as much land as possible. Moving into 2017, the City of Vekta has announced their goal to recreate the city skyline, including high-rise greenhouses and apartment buildings. New roads are being made to make navigating the city easier.

Due to high demand, real estate prices are steadily increasing in Vekta, as the last home sold for 4,500$.


Despite being in the neutral giant Corsica-Florence, VC's defense against outside attackers is highly contrasting compared to average defensive measures implemented by other towns on the server. First of all, VC has a thick shell of town blocks which can stall the enemy (thanks to the 60 second wait time to take over a town block) giving Vektan forces sufficient time to locate and terminate the threat. This "No Man's Land" is also perfect defense against those who simply want to damage VC without invading ( as learned from The Wither Incident). However, this system of defense is highly outdated and has major flaws such as unequal claiming of land. Portions of the city wall have been torn down in an effort to improve the city, and small temporary walls were put in its place.