Vektan Imperialism is an era in the history of Vekta (New). This era is currently ongoing with Vekta already experiencing massive growth and influence on its architecture.

Origins of the EraEdit

After rebuilding the nation of Vekta. The Vektan government struggled to bring in new towns and players into the nation. As a result, the government lacked the necessary amount of people to run a proper republic leaving the president, BANANApeel65 as the de facto leader of Vekta. Believing that neutrality would no longer support Vekta's growth, BANANApeel65 announced a more aggressive foreign policy which he intends to be imperialistic.

Wars during the EraEdit

So far, there has been one armed conflict due to Vektan Imperialism. On December 2014, Vekta joined the fight against Republica with the nation NCR (New Californian Republic) which is the current entity of the Illuzionist Militia. However, instead of destroying the town of Republic City, BANANApeel65 offered an ultimatum to spare its citizens if they joined Vekta. The citizens of Republic City immediately accepted the offer.


The new era also brought new life to Vektan architecture. Currently, the Vektan government is now building a third generation government building which features incredible details not seen before in other VC government buildings. The service the government building is providing is still yet to be announced.
2014-12-27 23.12.34

VC's latest federal building (WIP)

2014-12-27 23.12.54

Interior of the latest federal building in VC.