Basic Information & Description Edit

Vital statistics
Type Benevolent Warrior Nation
Level 7
Location Canyon of Lebovi
Inhabitants 1+
VengeanceCorps (VGC) is a nation led by FernuxKing, with the capital being Snowdin. Although still a very small nation, it had previously collapsed after merging into the Galactic_Republic and was later revived. It has been involved in one minor conflict against Shwon, but later pulled out of the war after outside pressure and quickly made peace.

History Edit

VengeanceCorps first rose to prominence after garnering several active citizens with FernuxKing leading exceptional foreign policy. However, it became embroiled in a dispute with the Thilwohr, a warring superpower at the time, until the fall of Thilwohr. During these times, it garnered numerous bases, such as "Haven Tower", "Castle Oblivion", And "Mercenary Isle".

However, peace did not last long; as VengeanceCorps (VGC) was thrown into numerous small fights with players such as Acyric, CutePuppies, and KingMidas. These small fights diminished the number of towns in VGC until it was only Mellows and Ruin.

After a period of peace & economic decline, VGC merged into the Galactic_Republic. Nevertheless, GR (& Spain) fell into a war with the Rebel Alliance (Hoth, Shwon & Sith_Empire), and eventual pressure led to Fernux to re-create VengeanceCorps and make lasting peace with Shwon. This peace allowed him to retain the Canyon of Lebovi as his current Capitol Building location.

Miscellaneous Information Edit

  • VengeanceCorps hosts the Civwars Battle Tourney, Where the winner is awarded a choice of either Money, a Powerful Weapon, or a New piece of land for their town/nation.
  • Fernux himself stated that "I would've named it Army of Karma, but VengeanceCorps sounded hella cooler"