Basic Information & Description Edit

The War of Alliances is a war involving the nations of the Galactic_Republic and Spain (TRE) and the Rebel Alliance, consisting of Hoth, Shwon & the Sith_Empire. The war has been ongoing for several weeks, with losses on both sides. The war originally began with Shwon against Spain, but grew after threats against Falkner (Hoth), an ally of the Sith_Empire as well.

Conflicts Edit

The recently formed Rebel Alliance was created after threats against Falkner were made from Jolly_Jj of Spain and several others. Vaultt, a citizen of Falkner who was online at the time, requested they leave immediately, only to be dismissed. He was later murdered several times until deciding to take refuge in his home, only to be surrounded by the trespassers. Vaultt then teleported an ally (Sody) to drive them away. XSphinxHDx, one of the intruders, was killed and Sody escaped. Vaultt was then forced to leave Falkner to avoid any actual and future invasion.

Renewed Shwon Edit

Cutepuppies (20Fps), struggling in a war himself, took in an alternate account of Vaultt. These two would later lead successful assaults against those who had participated in the incident, despite being outnumbered. After several minor skirmishes, Shwon led a successful attack against Spain, resulting in Jolly_Jj kicking his only soldier out of his nation.

Bombing of Vault-Tec Edit

It was then revealed that a city in the Galactic_Republic, Vault-Tec, had grown rapidly and was building up materials and potion supplies. Thus, both General Betweentwolungs and Cutepuppies led themselves to bomb the underground facility, fearing that this sudden growth of the city would turn into a threat in the future. Several citizens in Vault-Tec were killed in the process of the bombing.

Skirmish at Donzula Edit

The surprising victories on the hand of Shwon would spur on others to rise to the challenge. A secret alliance was formed between Hoth (Falkner), the Sith_Empire, and Shwon: the Rebel Alliance. Betweentwolungs of Hoth named herself as General, with Cutepuppies and Galaxly leading the charge. This alliance was later revealed after the Sith_Empire jumped in to help Shwon after Fernux and his allies gathered to invade Donzula. The allies of the attackers were driven out (others leaving at request), until a ceasefire was created. FernuxKing, who had initiated this skirmish, seceded from the war and quickly made peace with the Rebel Alliance.

However, conflict renewed within hours as Jolly_Jj of Spain flagged Hoth claims by Donzula after Jolly and Between exchanged a few... words. With another possible invasion imminent, Donzula was moved.

Failed Invasion of Coruscant Edit

Cutepuppies, pushing to make a frontal offensive against the Republic, began an invasion of the fortress of Coruscant. XSphinxHDx, the only defender at the time, lost a chunk of land before warlogging. In several hours, XSphinxHDx returned with five other allies and reclaimed the land Cute took.

Skirmish at Falkner Edit

After this battle, Jolly_Jj and DeetsMC brought to themselves to attack the claims of Hoth outside of Falkner (which was given to those in Florence). Within minutes, Between led a large force to retaliate, as Cutepuppies began dueling Jolly. However, Jolly suddenly crashed and died while in combat before Deets teleported away. The rebels eventually retook the land with little resistance (and abandoned it to avoid future invasions or conflict).

Treaty of Spain Edit

A day after the battle, the Galactic Republic kicked Nightfall (Deets) from the nation and made lasting peace with the Rebel Alliance. Spain also made peace with both Hoth and the Sith_Empire, but only time may tell as to how long this peace will last with Spain.

Aftermath Edit

With the war over, the Sith_Empire declared itself no longer necessary and the capital Korriban was disbanded. The Rebel Alliance continues to be in service, and may call its allies forth when needed.