The War of NSGWP is a war that was fought fought between NSGWP vs. NCR (iiluzionist militia) and allies. The war has ended with a NCR and allies victory.

Cause Edit

On December 6, 2014, JLForristal broke into Rogue Island without permission. He was chased by a iiluzional militant and eventually was cornered. JLForristal "defended his life" and incapacitated the militant. The iiluzionist militia (NCR) then declared war on the NSGWP, stating that JLForristal "attacked" their town.

Battle of Berlin Edit

Soon after the declaration of war, the iiluzionist militia marched into Berlin, the capital of the NSGWP, and seized control of the area. An ally of NCR (iiluzionist militia), Randall0208 broke into the Fuhrer Estate in a "hostile manner" and was killed by JLForristal in "self-defense". Randall0208 claims he was "offering peace". Before the Fuhrer Estate was compromised, JLForristal managed to evacuate the city. Eventually, all iiluzionist forces withdrew from Berlin accidentally without setting an outpost. Lone-wolf JLForristal then liberated Berlin city from the oppressive iiluzionist militia.

Criticism Edit

The war has drawn criticism and attention from many parties. Coolsurdy, the President of G, has stated that the war is a "useless conflict" and the conflict could have been solved diplomatically. Coolsurdy also criticized JLForristal for breaking into Rogue Island as well as NCR for failing to negotiate peace, respectively.