Cause Of The War Edit

The war was caused by built of tension between the Franco-Belgium, the Church of Malora, and Covanant_Empire.

First Battle Edit

The tension eventually broke however and would involve a small battle between Doge XSphinxHDX and coalition forces from the Church of Melora and Covanant_Empire. Quickly realizing he was outmatched, and outnumbered XSphinxHDX quickly retreated to spawn.

Second Battle Edit

After retreating to spawn XSphinxHDX began to attempt to get more of his allies on, DeetsMC, and Talltitanicc quickly summoned more troops from TRE and began a counter attack on Fodderfields, capital of FayGold, that however was only a distraction so that XSphinxHDX could begin to claim back his town, eventually DeetsMC, Talltitanicc, and XSphinxHDX's other allies began to take back Geneva. However, they ran into heavy resistance from the enemy, in the end however the town was retaken and the pathway was lain for further destruction of other enemy towns.

Third Battle Edit

After successfully taking back Geneva, the TRE forces consisting of DeetsMC, Talltitanicc, and XSphinxHDX began to push into High_Charity, capital of Covanant_Empire , and former capital of the nation of Bucharest. They met with little resistance in the beginning until SorryForHacks, and wolfhound24 made a last ditch attack on the invading forces, this attack however in the end was quickly subdued only resulting in one death on the invading forces side, most of the town was taken before invading forces began to stop growing tired of flagging the endless number of plots. The town is said to eventually be returned to Aheamonn former ruler of Bucharest. The town will be used as the new capital for the nation of Seleucia.

End of the War Edit

The war was ended when a final battle outside of warp wild was initiated after jacop was killed, he explained how he had played the entire server, and the war was assumed to be over after negotiations.