General Information and Background Edit

XSphinxHDX joined on September the 15th 2015, and immediately began making allies, and enemies within his first week. Sphinx would settle on a plot of land next to what would be known as Valence, after many disputes Sphinx was forced of his land and into subsequent exile, after such times a few weeks later he was kicked from his nation of Florence, for allegedly aiding bandits, after this Sphinx went into isolation mode, until Bestorama gave him a large sum of money, and tools, weapons, and armor this is when Sphinx officially began his nation of Cahokia; Cahokia however was short lived and after numerous threats of invasion Cahokia disbanded and joined the neutral nation of Skogland, after sticking there for a short time, he once again founded his nation calling it Franco-Belgium, this is his current nation, and a nation he now leads.

Nations He Belonged To:



Nations He Has Founded:



Galactic Republic



Towns He Has Founded:

Geneva(Ryse, Sphinxdom)



Involved Conflicts Edit

War of Genevan Defense

War of Genevan reclamation

(They are the same war technically just separated by a short peace)

War of TRE vs. Church of Melora

The Gallian War II

The War of Clans

War of Alliances

Franco-Covanant War

Thilwohrian Wars

Second Gallian War

First War of TRE vs Argos

TRE Period Edit

XSphinxHDX's period in TRE was marked by war with many of his enemies from before and many new ones. He joined TRE during the war of Genevan Reclamation. After joining TRE he was flagged many more times sparking many wars with enemies such as Cutepuppies, and Jacop. Eventually the flagging ceased and the enemies changed when Gallia newly unbanned returned to the server, immediately following Gallia's attacks on Thilwohr he made ready the organization he had been conspiring to create underground for some time. After Gallias defeat and his ascension to Consul of TRE he attempted to keep peace however that would not last long when the war with Argos sparked and triggered a massive conflict. The conflict didn't last long as the war unofficially ended after TRE exited the server. Behind the scenes on the other server however Sphinx was ousted from power in TRE by the legate lordjason4 and feeling betrayed formed TheGreekEmpire and exited TRE.

Post TRE Period Edit

During Sphinx's Post-TRE period he became a neutral player drifting from Byzantium, then DPRK before finally settling his own nation with Draliri (Corsica). After some time an agreement was made with Florence and the two merged into C-F.