Information and Description Edit

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Vital statistics
Position Player
Age 17
Status Semi-Active
Physical attributes
Height 5"8 to 5"9ish I think
Weight 120-125 Pounds (High Metabolism)

ZeR0Legend is a famous and very old player who has been around Civilization Wars since June 27, 2013; the same month that the server actually began. ZeR0Legend is one of the oldest(join date not age) active players on the server. Along with that he was one of the first people to start a nation on the server with Sam Hen and Mazizcip who he met on the server. Zero prefers to explore but doesn't like not being able to make decisions in a nation so he tends to lead his own nations that usually last until he gets bored of the nation or gets conquered by Gallia(which is unlikely to happen now but given my shit luck -Zero). Along with that it's very much so likely he has a gambling problem because he tends to waste most his money on the lotto plugin. Something that is not commonly known is that Zero has a really shit mercantile sense and usually doesn't even charge most people for stuff and just gives it away mainly because he either has no use for it or just has so much of it.

Zero for a brief time was Chat-Mod but decided following a temporary but stupid rule combined with the fact that he was unlikely to ever be made into a full mod because he's just simply not serious enough for it to resign from staff and hasn't regretted it since.

Zero has so far established the following nations and cities:

Founded: Alagaesia, Trade-Federation(New), Terminus States

Co-Founded: Trade-Federation

Current Town: Mirewood

Current Nation: Government

Biography and History

Note from Happy: Uh.. he's been on this server for nearly two f*cking years. I dunno where to start..

Note from Zero: I once had nearly every town's location in one book. I lost that book.

Note from Happy: I need that goddamn BOOK!